10 count with Jack Hutsby

Jack Hutsby with coach Steve Seery

Jack Hutsby is a undefeated professional boxer from Nottingham who’s current record is 2-0-1

1.Favourite fighter?

Callum Smith

2.Favourite fight?

Callum Smith vs George groves

3.Best friends in Boxing?

Stable mates, Kyle Hughs and the other lads down there

4.Boxing Highlight?

It’s either one of my fights when I fought for the light heavyweight belt defence from either Sam Bates or Alex nix

5.Hobbies outside of boxing?

My jobs a big hobby really I get paid for staying fit

6.Favourite music?

It’s a wide variation of almost anything

7.what do you want to achieve in boxing ?

I’m only young I’ve got plenty of time to just keep chipping away and trying to get as far as I can I have no exact achievement in mind but I guess at the moment a belt would be a massive achievement

8.favourite food?

It’s got to be bbq ribs

9.Saturday Fight Night or Match of the day?

Saturday fight night

10.Tell us something nobody knows about you?

I’ve been offered a job in Australia for February 2020 and I’m still undecided weather to take it or not