10 count with Jimmy Peckham

Jimmy Peckham with trainer Lee Page
Photo credit shadowbox media

Jimmy Peckham is a professional Boxer from Kent who’s current record is 1-0

10 count with Jimmy Peckham

1.Favourite fighter?

Vasyl Lomachenko

2.Favourite fight?

Gatti vs ward they were hard men

3.Best friends in Boxing?

Everybody’s my friend until they get saucy

4.Boxing Highlight?

Having a proper team around me

5.Hobbies outside of boxing?


6.Favourite music?

All depends what mood I’m in

7.what do you want to achieve in boxing ?

i want to prove a lot of people wrong earn some money and win some titles

8.favourite food?

Anything with sugar in it

9.Saturday Fight Night or Match of the day?

None I like cricket

10.Tell us something nobody knows about you?

Shhh don’t tell nobody but I’m realy 6foot 4 🤫