10 count with Joe Underwood Hughes

Joe Underwood Hughes
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Joe Underwood Hughes is an undefeated professional Boxer from Nottingham who’s record is currently 2-0

10 count with Joe Hughes

1. Favourite fighter?

Active – Tyson Fury or Vasilly Lomachenko

All time -Floyd Mayweather

2.Favourite fight?

Mayweather vs Canelo

Tom stalker v craig evans

3.Best friends in Boxing?

As much as i dont want to say this because he snaked me on this question its nathan kirk & im also close to my manager Scott Calow, my coaches(old and new) & my team mates

4.Boxing Highlight?

My pro debut

5.Hobbies outside Boxing?

Football & gaming

6.favourite music?

Rap & hiphop but all rounder really

7.What do you want to achieve in boxing?

Short term would be the Britsh title, but ultimately i want to be a world champion if i didnt im in the wrong sport.

8.Favourite food?

Pizza, Five guys & greek gyros

9.Saturday Fight Night or Match of the day?

Saturday fight night

10.Tell is something nobody knows about you?

Before taking boxing seriously i was a self employed plasterer, which i quit got myself a part time job as a lifeguard and started living life like a athlete.