10 count with Kyle Fox

Kyle fox
(Photo credit Tierney photography)

Kyle Fox is a professional boxer from Doncaster his record is currently 6wins 1Loss

10 count with Kyle Fox

1.Favourite fighter?

Liam Smith

2.Favourite fight?

gatti vs ward 1

3.Best friends in Boxing?

MAGIC Michael white

4.Boxing Highlight?

Making my Professional debut

5.Hobbies outside of boxing?

I have none, boxing is life haha

6.Favourite music?

I love all genres of music, mainly old school trance

7.what do you want to achieve in boxing ?

To be good enough for people to tell my son I was good when he’s older

8.favourite food?

Burger, bigger the better with some chunky chips

9.Saturday Fight Night or Match of the day?

Saturday fight night, footballs a girls sport

10.Tell us something nobody knows about you?

My dream job would be a barber