10 count with Kyle Hughes

Kyle Hughes
Photo by DKO imagery

Kyle Hughes is middleweight boxer from Nottingham current record 2-0

10 count with Kyle Hughes

1.Favourite fighter?

Canelo but a close second has to be Lomanchenko

2.Favourite fight?

Canelo v Kirkland or

Canelo v Lopez both incredible stoppages

3.Best friends in Boxing?

Jack Hutsby (stable mate) and Sam Bates (trinity ABC prospect)

4.Boxing Highlight?

My two proudest achievements in boxing so far are winning the Derbyshire title as an amateur and some great sparring with Liam Cameron (commonwealth champion )

5.Hobbies outside of boxing?

Not really got any hobbies other than boxing , love nothing more than travelling to different parts of the world and eating out though

6.Favourite music?

Indie music . Give LNC a listen if you are too , great up and coming band from Ilkeston

7.what do you want to achieve in boxing ?

To challenge for a British title is the ultimate dream but the first challenge I’m driving for is a midlands title

8.favourite food?

Has to be Thai food

9.Saturday Fight Night or Match of the day?

Fight night – not a football fan unless it’s England playing in a tournament

10.Tell us something nobody knows about you?

Some people do know but I’ve got a miniature dashchund called perro (Spanish for dog) me and our fruits pride and joy 😂